Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning

September 8, 2020 Off By Evelyn Wagner

Marina Maitland - Wedding Dress: Wedding Dress Dry CleaningWedding dress cleaning is a complicated process and one that is best approached with professional assistance. Few articles of clothing match the financial and sentimental value of your wedding dress and this is not an area where you want to take any chances. Your peace of mind demands that you choose a skilled and trustworthy cleaner.

When a wedding dress is properly preserved it can be passed down from generation to generation, as a precious piece of family history. You must be as careful with preserving it as you were with choosing it, and this means paying careful attention to how it is cleaned and stored. Although you can manage some of this on your own, be prepared to invest in professional services.

Some Steps for Proper Preservation

The first thing you will want to do is find a plastic bag for transporting your dress to and from the cleaner. You don’t want it to get dirty in transit, and you don’t want to run the risk of damaging it. If you still have the bag that came with it, you should be all set. Otherwise, speak to your cleaner beforehand to get proper bags at the start.

Your cleaner should be someone with demonstrated skill with formal ball gowns. You may want to get referrals from friends and family and speak with potential people in person before making a decision. You will want to discuss specific stains and dress details that may influence the cleaning process and get an estimate of service costs. Finally, you will want to inquire about getting acid-free tissue in which to wrap your dress when it is done.