New York City Bed And Breakfasts

New York City Bed And Breakfasts

December 24, 2019 Off By Evelyn Wagner

The concept of a New York City bed and breakfast is foreign to many tourists who come to the Big Apple every year to take in the sights and sounds of this bustling city. Many people are under the impression that if you come to New York City, you must stay in an expensive hotel, regardless of its charm and level of service. New York city accommodations can certainly be pricey, but if you take a moment to consider the alternatives to hotels in the area, you may be impressed with what you find.

First of all, a bed and breakfast is not a new concept, but rather a concept that has evolved over time, which provides travelers with more personal accommodations. If you are not looking for the high-rise hotel experience, complete with 500 rooms, unrecognizable faces, and no warmth whatsoever, then a New York City bed and breakfast may be a viable option for you. You can stay in a historical home smack in the middle of Manhattan with or without your own personal bathroom. Many bed and breakfasts give total attention to details such as a toasty featherbed and handmade quilt, or freshly baked cookies on your pillow in the evenings. Your hosts will likely be among the most friendly and approachable people you will ever meet.

Furthermore, if you are looking to get the inside scoop on the best restaurants in the area or the must-see Broadway shows, staying in a New York City bed and breakfast can prove to be beneficial. First of all, your hosts are probably extremely familiar with the attractions of the city, and they can point you in the right direction in terms of sights to see, places to eat, and shows to take in. What may surprise you is that you will likely be directed to restaurants that look like holes in the walls, yet provide the most outstanding meals you will ever eat. Natives to the city know some of the best-kept secrets regarding superb restaurants, shops, shows, and outdoor activities.

The Appeal of New York City Bed and Breakfasts

Another bonus to staying in a New York City bed and breakfast over a hotel is that you can save a considerable amount of money during your visit. Hotels can cost hundreds of dollars a night, while a bed and breakfast can oftentimes be had for under a hundred dollars per night. Of course you must keep in mind that certain times of the year are going to be slightly more expensive, such as at Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even on the weekends. As with any tourist spot, lodging tends to be more expensive on the weekends, as many people like to take off for a weekend getaway.

However, if you can sneak away during the week, you can truly learn what it means to obtain cheap New York City accommodations, without sacrificing comfort or service. You would be in fine company if you decided to trek to Manhattan mid-week for a little mini vacation away from your own obligations and responsibilities. New York City tourism is and always has been booming, simply because there is so much to do. After all, New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and for good reason–it never does. It does not matter what time of night it is–you could grab a bite to eat at a restaurant that is open, take in some big band music at a jazz lounge, or even go dancing until the early hours of the morning.

New York City Weekend Getaways

If you are like the majority of the American workforce, you put in your 40+ hours every week and spend your weekends relaxing (or trying to relax, anyway). Well, if you have the urge to escape the same old Saturday and Sunday routine, why not head to New York City for a little excitement? Certainly you will not have difficulty filling up your time, as there are a host of attractions right in the city. Perhaps you can take in the Empire State Building, followed by lunch downtown and then some shopping. The Manhattan shopping scene is unrivaled, as there are some funky boutiques, eclectic shops, and couture retailers that are even too pricey for window shopping.

Perhaps you could take in the American Museum of Natural History, or stroll the winding paths of Central Park. Rockefeller Center is always a big tourist attraction, especially during the Christmas season. If you really want to catch the infectious spirit of the holidays, taking a trip to New York City any time after Thanksgiving is a must. There is no storefront left undecorated, and you will truly get the chance to see what celebrating the holidays is all about, as well as get a taste of the Christmas spirit at its finest.

Remember, there are many perks to staying in New York City bed and breakfasts over pricey hotels. Sure, it's nice to save some money, but the benefits to choosing a bed and breakfast over a hotel are numerous. If you want to stay somewhere that feels like your home away from home, with hosts who give a lot of attention to detail and personal service, a bed and breakfast is the smartest choice. The next time you find yourself heading for the Big Apple, take a moment to consider your lodging accommodations. Staying in a charming bed and breakfast will likely turn out to be the best decision you could ever make.