New Lung Cancer Treatment

New Lung Cancer Treatment

November 14, 2019 Off By Evelyn Wagner

New lung cancer treatment includes a host of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches that are being integrated into the conventional surgery-radiation-chemotherapy model. In fact, integrative medicine is a concept that is growing in prominence and is being implemented by some major hospitals and cancer treatment centers. Alternative cancer remedies are being examined in clinical trials, and positive anecdotal evidence is causing the medical establishment to take note of the possibilities of non-mainstream therapy.

Much of the new lung cancer treatment focuses on bolstering a patient's immune system and overall health. Indeed, this is the basis for alternative cancer treatment in general, and it is this supportive approach that is being incorporated into Western medical thinking. Herbs used since ancient times in China, meditation techniques to alleviate pain and anxiety, natural chemotherapies that do not have horrific side effects–these are being studied in clinical trials and used as deemed appropriate in the new lung cancer treatment.


New Lung Cancer Treatment Approaches

The overall cure rate for cancer patients treated conventionally with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy is only four percent. This means that 96 percent of cancer patients eventually die either of the cancer or complications related to their conventional treatment. No wonder some of the most progressive cancer centers and hospitals in the United States are looking for any possible help from alternative medicine.

Using alternative medical care should not be undertaken alone, without consultation with your doctor and healthcare workers. Even though alternative therapies are so named because they are, in fact, intended to replace orthodox care, the safest course is to use them as complements to orthodox care under the supervision of your doctor. For one thing, all professionals involved in your care should be aware of all substances you are taking, whether they be vitamins or herbs.